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Florida Trucking Association

Professional Organizations
350 E. College Ave.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 222-9900

Who We Are

FTA is made up of both Carrier members (trucking companies) and Supplier members (trucking industry partners and associated vendors). We also have a number of associate members who serve on our various councils and committees. You can see who we are on our member page, or view our list of allied and carrier members.

What We Do


FTA serves as the only direct liaison between the trucking industry and the Florida Legislature and state regulatory agencies. In this capacity, FTA looks out for the business of trucking from a legislative and regulatory perspective.


FTA researches your concerns, provides answers, and keeps members updated on important industry issues through verbal and written communications.


FTA provides educational meetings, seminars, workshops and an annual conference featuring sessions on issues important to your business.


Garzor Insurance offers insurance services for all members of the Florida Transportation Association. 

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